The plastic products made by Jinyoung are of a world-leading quality and value.
Jinyoung products can be found around the world, in countless applications.

Jinyoung is a manufacturer of plastic products used in the fields of furniture, appliances, semiconductors, cars, construction, and more.

The creator of the world’s first ASA resin deco sheet, Jinyoung is expanding its business portfolio to include furniture, appliances, IT, and automotive. Environmentalism is our top priority. We recycle all scraps resulting from production, and ensure our products can be recycled and reused at the end of their lifespans. Jinyoung’s sustainable, high-quality products have been designed with your limitless growth in mind.

Plastic Sheet

Jinyoung is a manufacturer of plastic materials for diverse applications.

We combine our knowledge, technology, and breakthroughs to develop plastic solutions that improve quality of life and are needed across industries.
Through our 30 years in business, we have innovated and invested in making ourselves able to provide customers around the world with products of the highest standard. We are diversifying our business to allow our plastic products to find homes in a wider range of industries, including furniture, appliances, IT, and automotive.
Our pursuit of economic gains as a business is underpinned by environmentalism, transparent management, and social responsibility, the three pillars of ESG management. Jinyoung is unified in making effective decisions that produce ESG achievements that are sustainable. We are committed to providing customers with the utmost value while fulfilling our social responsibility. Through open and equal communication and mutual respect, everyone at Jinyoung does their part in creating the kind of company that we all want to work at.
Always dreaming bigger, we are breaking into new fields. By diversifying the downstream industries we supply, our business portfolio will expand and strengthen, allowing us to continue to contribute to a circular economy of plastic that society and the planet need.
Jinyoung is here as your dependable partner. Thank you.

JINYOUNG Co., Ltd. CEO    Shim Young-soo