Research and Development

Jinyoung's company research center is engaged in the research and development of ASA resins and amorphous resins to create the cutting-edge technology that allows it to manufacture eco-friendly, highly recyclable solutions that provide outstanding commercial value.

Vision & Value

R&D Achievements

Through ongoing R&D that produces breakthroughs in technology, Jinyoung meets wide-ranging customer needs.

  • 2021
    • Development of solutions for application to membranes
    • Development of solutions for application to interiors
    • Development of fabric deco solutions
    • Development of laser edge solutions
  • 2022
    • Development of acrylic deco sheets, upgrade of UV coating lines
    • Development of olefin-based edge solutions
    • Development of carbon-neutral deco solutions (energy efficiency boost)
    • Development of non-halogen, thermal insulation deco sheets
    • Development of deco solutions for surface pattern reformation (imprinting, deposition, printing)
    • Development of eco-friendly deco solutions (matte, anti-bacterial)
  • 2023
    • Development of anti-static sheets
    • Development of non-halogen, olefin-based thermal insulation sheets
    • Development of zero-carbon, energy-efficient thermal insulation sheets
    • Development of eco-friendly membrane sheets
    • Development of laser edge bands
    • Installation of an ASA manufacturing system for resource circularity
    • Development of graphene-based antibacterial acrylic sheets
Government R&D Project
  • Furniture decoration sheets with pearl patterns achieved through extrusion-transfer printing
  • Performance of technologically innovative development projects for the Korean government High-added-value multi-layer decorative sheets