Antistatic Film

A functional film used in the transport and storage of PCBs and semiconductors, anti-static films provide protection from static electricity and foreign matter.


Compared to the conventional anti-static film which features a coating consisting of a mixture of synthetic resin and a conductive substance, Jinyoung’s anti-static film is made from anti-static materials, and does not require an anti-static coating. A highly durable surface finish, Jinyoung anti-static film provides peak anti-static performance through years of use.

Product Specifications

  • A mixture of polypropylene and anti-static materials requiring no additional coating and producing lower defect rates as a result
  • Semi-permanent use Frequent replacements required, reduced costs
Thickness Anti-static factor Width Purpose
350 ~ 500㎛ 10^8~10^10Ω 850 ~ 1280mm Polyproylene(pp)