JINYOUNG’s Journey
to Build a Sustainable Future

Through all its decisions made in favor of humanity’s sustainability,

Jinyoung puts the environment first and aspires to set an example in making the world a healthier place.

ESG Management

ESG Management

Our pursuit of economic gains as a business is underpinned by environmentalism,

transparent management, and social responsibility, the three pillars of ESG management.

Jinyoung is unified in making effective decisions that produce sustainable ESG achievements.

Jinyoung cares about the environment and society,

and embraces sustainability through ESG management.

Direction of Sustainable Management

As a member of a broader community, Jinyoung practices ESG management to achieve environmental leadership, foster sustainable communities, and advance its governance framework. Jinyoung has formed five ESG strategies that support its development and supply of the green products needed today. Based on the results of a double materiality assessment performed to give shape to ESG management and systematically manage ESG achievements, the following eight green strategies have been set and observed company-wide for our understanding of and commitment to ESG management.

Sustainable Management Strategies of Jinyoung
  • Environment
    • Climate change response
    • Eco-friendly workplace
    • Eco-friendly products and services
  • Social
    • Safe workplace
    • Customer-centric quality management
    • Service to the community
  • Governance
    • Board-driven management
    • Ethical management