JINYOUNG’s Journey
to Build a Sustainable Future

Through all its decisions made in favor of humanity’s sustainability,

Jinyoung puts the environment first and aspires to set an example in making the world a healthier place.

Sustainable Management


Each new development by Jinyoung is fueled by the world’s shared need to protect the natural environment.

Jinyoung’s environmental protection technology reduces its carbon footprint,

promotes the circular economy, and ensures the sustainability of future generations.

Jinyoung manufactures products from plastic recycling in a structure that promotes circular resource use. The eco-friendly products that result are a testament to Jinyoung’s social accountability.

Endeavors for sustainable growth

Jinyoung’s sustainability efforts include the recycling of product waste, adherence to Product Category Rules, and the development of biodegradable and antibacterial products. Products for new applications are created through quality and process innovation, allowing for Jinyoung's stable growth as a business. By discovering next-generation business opportunities, Jinyoung pioneers and takes leadership in new markets. Recycling, bio-products, and carbon neutrality are the tenets of Jinyoung’s environmentalism.

  • 01Recycle
    • Products made from 100% recycled materials
    • Open innovation for plastic resource circularity
    • Partnering with plastic recycling suppliers
  • 02Bio-products
    • Eco-friendly products made from bio-materials
    • Bio-degradable products for business sustainability in the face of environmental regulation
  • 03Carbon neutrality
    • Deco products for enhanced energy efficiency
    • Enhanced efficiency of electricity, steam, and fuel for carbon reduction

At Jinyoung, we are constantly working to build our capacity to recycle production waste.
It’s how we create eco-friendly added value.

Jinyoung’s endeavors for the utilization and advancement of recycling technology

The majority of our production waste occurs in the initial running of facilities and the coloring and trimming of products. Such production waste is collected, sorted, and melted to be made into reusable pellets. We are working with the Korea Environment Corporation on its project to develop smart, eco factories, and have been entrusted with the task of developing a process for recycling production waste into reusable resources. Working on this task goes hand in hand with utilizing and furthering our recycling technology. Since 2023, we have been manufacturing products from recycled materials.

Waste recycling technology
Waste plastic thermal decomposition technology